I believe that Stay Oz is bigger than just a business. It is an opportunity to do wonderful things for people.

This is the vision I now see…

I see Stay Oz as Australia’s largest accommodation management organisation for major sporting, business and cultural events, positively impacting hundreds of thousands of people while being innovative and visionary in nature and refusing to stop moving forward- always looking towards the future with a passionate vigour. It is big enough to have a significant positive impact but personal enough that every person it touches feels the value that they truly deserve.

I see Stay oz as an opportunity to give to amazing people the ability to live an ultimate work/life balance, enabling them to be available to give their families the best they can give while still having a soul fulfilling career. It gives opportunities to people to develop themselves towards their personal goals and to reach their dreams to be all they’ve been called to be. It is fun to be involved in and constantly developing in exciting ways. It nurtures leaders and helps them grow with humility and authenticity to create a positive impact in their chosen path.

I see a culture where management will truly listen to everyone in the team and who give each individual the value that they truly deserve while being a business where every individual knows they are an important part of something beautiful, made for the greater good, which is bigger than any one person who is involved.

Within this culture, we give our all to every one of our valued clients, whether they be large or small, going out of our way to ensure our best result for every client, not because we have to but because that is simply the right thing to do.

I see Stay Oz as an opportunity to significantly contribute to the worldwide community in order to help lift up those most in need, for at our core is the belief that those with the means have the responsibility to help those without. It also enables an opportunity to contribute significantly to help those sporting, cultural or community organisations who we work with.

I see Stay Oz as an opportunity to help give people the opportunity to fill the hunger in their soul for their creator, for Stay Oz has God as its cornerstone through which everything else we do is held together.

This is the vision I now see!

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